Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

Design for Conversion 6 in Cologne

At Design for Conversion 6, it was a thrilling experience! On the one hand, we developed a communication strategy to convince the jury and on the other hand we created an interaction concept for a captivating website along the principles of persuasion. Participants from different backgrounds (marketing, design, computer science, economics, psychology) made it a worthy experience and a premium place to look beyond the own fence.

Due to a lack of time the description of keynotes is omitted here, but see these announcements. Best talk concerning the entertainment for me was the one by Eric Reiss: "Of buttons and brains: four keys to successful conversions" (slides). The talk that made me curious was the one by Martin Kupp: "Organizational creativity – learnings from the world of arts".

Networking was great and when I left the party at half past one in the night there were still some who enjoyed themselves in the Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld. Three of the speakers were present during the whole event and I could talk to Dan Lockton (see his presentations) and Eric Reiss (see his presentations) in person. Dan was interested in the work of the FUN project, I was part of in 2006 and 2007, and the successor FUN-NI as both show how to impliment the ideas of what is now called persuasion or gamification into the context of business software. I will send him some pointers and papers on that.

There is at least my gallery of photos from the event but look out for the tag "dfc6" at the usual places (twitpic, tumplr etc.)

UPDATE: All the members of the Cortal Concors case study on Hopee are invited to join the corresponding LinkedIn group.

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