Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010

"iflux" as name or identifier on the web

There are severak sources of names or identifiers similar to "iFlux+" :

iFlux Technological Solutions: an ITIL consultancy in Hatfield, UK
iflux: a pretty active user of the lifejournal blog
iFlux: a IT solution provider
iFlux: a developer of website templates

The is no reference to "iFlux+" though. Hence, the name seems to be unique up to now. :)


  1. What about the Flux-Compensator in 'Back to the Future'? :)

  2. Thanks for the hint. Sure, there is such a thing as the "flux compensator". But it is a label for a technology in a movi. It is not in the realm of the bussiness world or in the internet.